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Steve S recently finished a telescope with help from the DC-area amateur telescope making (ATM) workshop that I’ve been running at the Chevy Chase Community Center (CCCC) for several years (I took over from the late Jerry Schnall around the turn of the century) with help from several local ATMers and under the auspices of the National Capital Astronomers (NCA).

Steve had made the mirror quite a long time ago (not here in DC). The optics are quite good according to my tests, and if you look at the photos, I think you will agree that the body of the telescope looks excellent as well.



As you can see, he used more-or-less dimensional wood rather than the more conventional plywood. Or should I say, clear pine that had been glued into boards at the lumber factory. He made the cradle with a bolt that allows one to loosen or tighten the grip on the tube so that one can rotate it or shift it forward or back to take care of any changes in balance.

It may not be obvious, but the wood is in fact coated with varnish.

The rocker box is held onto the azimuth bearing with sturdy wingnuts so that it can be more easily transported. The two circular sections of the azimuth bearing were table tops purchased at Lowe’s (IIRC).