The answer is, of course, no. Though they do bear some resemblance to the amazing astronomy graphics you come across these days at websites like Astronomy Picture of the Day, or graphs that astronomers show to their peers, these are merely wonderful doodles made by a fellow-volunteer at the registration desk at last week’s American Astronomical Society at the Gaylord convention center at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD. Sorry, I have forgotten his name and I also didn’t get permission to post. (He was an undergrad or grad student but I forget where.) So I definitely need to pay him royalties if he ever tracks me down.

(He won’t get very rich though: even 12% or 37.5% or 99.99% of zero income from this blog is still zero…)

All of us volunteers and paid staff were very impressed by his doodles.

I’m sure that the reaction of a group of Freudian psychoanalysts would have been quite different.