Bio: DC Native; 3 siblings (2 still living); attended both public and private K-12 schools in DC, MD, NH, and France. Baccalaureat, mathematiques elementaires, France, 1967. B.A. Dartmouth College, 1970. M.Ed. Univ of Md, 1981. Two children, both also DC natives; they are graduates of DCPS. Both married, three grandchildren! Wife is also retired DCPS school teacher. Worked and lived on farms and kibbutzim. Recently retired after 30+ years teaching math in DCPS, where, among other things, I coached the city MathCounts teams numerous times and won a Raytheon Math Hero award. Made numerous telescopes in size from 2" to 12.5" diameter. Run a workshop where I teach others to do likewise. Used to write computer programs to help my students learn math - back when we began to have computers in the classrooms, but no useful software to speak of.

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